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What is A Gobo or Monogram Light?

Monogram lighting is created using a “gobo” disc and a special gobo projector. A “gobo” (pronounced go-bow) is a small disc that is inserted into a special projector. You can project your initials, names, wedding date, specialty or anything else onto any surface. These lights add that extra glam to any event. Our Gobo projector can produce up to a 7' silhouette onto a wall, ceiling or the dance floor. We custom design a special Monogram for every wedding that gets our exclusive "All Inclusive Weddings." You have the option to send us the monogram you have already created for cups or shirts, or we can create you one from scratch to accent your theme. We use photoshop to build the monogram of your dreams and send them for print. All you have to do is approve the design and we take care of the rest.

Wedding Monogram Wilmington NC

The hardest part of using a Gobo projector is finding the perfect placement. The above picture was taken in Emerald Isle at a country club that featured a stage and a long clear wall. Not all wedding venues are created equal. Finding a venue that has a large enough unused or clear wall, section of ceiling in between trim or light fixtures or section of the dance floor where it can be seen all night can be a real challenge. Then once you find a place, there is no outlet for you to get electrical. That's why we make it as easy as possible for you and for our setup.

Last year we upgraded to a Chauvet rechargeable Gobo projector. Our new hardware is amazing! Not only is it a rechargeable device, but it has a magnetic base. This way makes it much easier to find and secure a location to get the biggest wow factor for your guests. In today's world, rechargeable units have become the standard for the ease of use and for efficiency. Climactic Entertainment is all about keeping with the times. The better and newer the technology gives our clients a much better experience and at a fraction of the cost that most other companies offer. That is just another reason that we are the best value around!

Now that you know what a Gobo projector is, click on the custom lighting page to see more examples of our design work!

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