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Wedding DJ FAQ

  • Which type of DJ do I need?

    • Type One companies view their DJs as entertainers. These DJs perform best when they are the center of attention. Props, games, line dances and lots of interaction on the microphone.

    • Type Two companies view the DJs as facilitators of music, announcements and events. Attention is focused on the clients, the guests and the music being played. The DJ’s interaction on the microphone is most often reserved for coordinating events and making formal announcements.

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  • What if my event needs both types?

    • Wilmington Wedding DJ Service actually can provide both. DJ Climactic also provides Emcee only Services. He has been host to Family Feud, Minute to Win It, and Wheel of Fortune at several corporate events. He can be the star of your event or simply a formal announcer.

  • Which DJ will perform at my event?

    • Wilmington Wedding Dj is a husband and wife team. You will always ave DJ Climactic at every event. At larger venues or corporate ​events with a  huge crowd, you will have the pleasure of being entertained by this dynamic duo.

Wedding DJ Service in Wilmington NC
Wedding DJ Service in Wilmington NC
Event DJ in Wilmington NC
Event DJ in Wilmington NC
  • What kind of music does Wilmington Wedding Dj Service prefer?

    • DJ Climactic is an audiophile and loves all types of music, from classical to hip-hop.​ We boast a portable hard drive with over 275,000 songs and have music accounts at Youtube, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Music, Spotify, and Napster. Our DJ travels with his own personal hotspot so we are self reliant when it comes to our internet connection. IF your song is available on the market, we can find it!

  • Should DJ equipment be a huge part of my decision?

    • Everyone seems to advertise that they have the best equipment available. Equipment can play a crucial role in any space, but that entirely depends on your event.​ Most weddings and smaller functions are in Ballrooms holding fewer than 200 people. A mid-range sound system will be more than sufficient for this venue. An outdoor venue or small concert will require much more equipment and much more coordination for everything to work as designed. Wilmington Wedding Dj has a variety of setups, which give us great flexibility. We can even setup in multiple rooms simultaneously. We carry over 8 different speaker sets that can be used independently or all synced together.  At weddings and corporate events, your main concern is that everyone hear you with ease. If your DJ service has some amazing microphones like we do, you will be just fine.

  • How long does it take for Wilmington Wedding Dj Service to set up equipment for an event?

    • We will normally need about 2 hours to set up for our "All Inclusive" packages. This will allow us time to completely set up equipment, perform a sound check, and go over any final details with your wedding planner on location.

  • What time should we expect to see our wedding dj to arrive at the venue?

    • Depending on the access or loading dock of the venue, we will arrive 2 to 2.5 hours before your event is scheduled to begin.​

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Affordable Wedding DJ Service in Surf City NC
Wedding DJ Service in Surf City, NC
Wedding DJ Service Topsail Island, NC
  • How much of a deposit is required to book your dj services and how do we pay?

    • Our Dj service only requires a $50 deposit to reserve your event date. This deposit is non-refundable​. The forms of payment Wilmington Wedding Dj can accept are credit cards, personal or teller check, Paypal or Venmo.

  • When is my balance due?

    • All payments are required before your event can begin. The week of your event, months before or payment when we arrive​ are all acceptable. When your wedding or special event is over, we want you to be able to focus on your future, not the past. It is easier for everyone is all payments are made before your event.

  • What type of process should I expect from your DJ services?

    • The first step will be an initial consultation. We prefer an in person meeting, but many of o​ur events are arranged out of town, Wilmington NC is a destination spot for many couples and companies. If we cannot meet in person, we are always available for a video call. It is extremely important for you to get a feel for your DJ's personality in order to make the right decision. If we are that perfect fit, we will sign a contract for our services and the $50 deposit will be made.

    • We will next provide a song selection sheet for you to begin thinking about all the important dances and ceremony music needed. We will converse heavily through email until the week of your event.

    • The week of your event, Wilmington Wedding Dj will reach out to go over all final details. We will need to know your wedding colors (for your uplighting and DJ will dress accordingly), a timeline or program for your wedding, the names of family and bridal party that will need to be introduced, and discuss your monogram if you have not made your own, and to discuss final payment.

Affordable Wedding DJ near me Wilmington NC
Affordable Wedding DJ near me Wilmington NC
Affordable Wedding DJ in Wilmington, NC
  • What if we would like to have a slideshow at our reception?

    • As part of our "All Inclusive" wedding receptions, you will have access to a projector and 110" screen or a 32" Welcome Monitor, whichever is more fitting for your venue.​ It is easiest if you use Microsoft Powerpoint to create your slideshow. Once you are finished adding all of your pictures, select save as a Movie so that it can be looped continuously. Save it to a flash drive and present to your DJ or to your day of planner so it will be available when we arrive.

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