Monogram Lighting

Event Up Lighting

Ask yourself a quick question. Why lighting? Lighting creates a beautiful backdrop in your photos and videos and can be customized to your liking. When it comes to planning events; most clients overlook lighting. It is a cost effective way to completely transform your space and is not limited to a specific color or style. There are several options available to you for lighting up your event the way you want. Keep reading this article so that we can help you decide on what style suits you.

At Climactic Entertainment, we now offer many types of LED Up Lighting.  LED Up Lighting offers many more shades for easy color matching. Different venues may have different wall coloring or already have some lighting which may interact with your up lights. We can adjust our lighting to give any room more ambiance or simply that little something extra to make your event come to life.

Up lighting can transform any room into one of comfort, style and feeling. Usually set to match the colors or theme of your event, up lighting can provide a dramatic feeling and aesthetically pleasing effect to any room. This lighting process involves projecting ambient light upward, usually toward a ceiling cavity, stucco wall, mantle, drapery or other object. When using the right colors and textures, the blankest canvases come to life with uplighting. The effects can be quite stunning.

Before Up Lighting

          After Up Lighting

    Packages Start at only $199 for 10 Basic Up Lights (Single Color)