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Beach Wedding This Year?

Beach weddings can be a little messy. Yeah, I have to clean all the sand from the equipment when everything is over and there is no electricity for the equipment, but they are by far the most fun and memorable. I grew up living near the ocean. There is nothing like the smell of salt in the air, the quiet crash of the waves or the blue sky that seams to go on forever. Who wouldn't want this as a backdrop to their wedding?

Weddings at the beach are normally less expensive than a big formal wedding at a reception hall if done correctly. There are all types of customization that can be done to really make the weddings "your own". Do you want to rent a house for everyone? On the beach side or the sound side for less noise? Near the river for a boat send off? (Been in 2 of these weddings; stellar!) Plus if there are fewer than 100 people in attendance, this can be a super intimate setting.

Everyone has there own idea of the perfect wedding. If a beach wedding interests you, check out these ideas I found!

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