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What does "All Inclusive Weddings" mean?

Weddings can become very expensive, very quickly. There are a very important part of any partnership and most brides have been dreaming of this since they were little girls. Everyone wants a perfect wedding, but not everyone has the perfect budget. Good news is, that you do not have to spend $2000 on entertainment to have the most amazing wedding ever!

Climactic Entertainment wants to be the service you can rely on for the most important event in your married life; the event that begins the union in the eyes of God and family. You should have a fantastic time at your wedding reception without taking out a loan on your house. That is why we began offering our exclusive "All Inclusive Weddings," and we have not overlooked the overwhelming response we have received. We will continue to offer this current special for the foreseeable future.

So what are these "All Inclusive Weddings" anyway? Climactic Entertainment offers a complete wedding ceremony/reception package that includes EVERYTHING a good wedding needs, plus we offer additional a la carte add-ons to make the night even brighter. Its designed so upcoming brides and grooms to be can see an easy to understand base cost of their wedding entertainment. These packages have been created specifically to help those couples on a budget, get the wedding of their dreams. We only require a $50 deposit to guarantee that your wedding date is reserved for you, and then you pay the balance of your package the week of the wedding. Inexpensive, even in the beginning.

So, here is how it breaks down... There are two packages. The ONLY difference between the two, is the length of time that we will be needed. Both include

1) the Emcee(DJ Climactic)

2) a full sound system, consisting of up to 6 15" speakers depending on the venue size

3) 4 wireless lapel mics and 4 wireless handheld mics

4) full dance floor lighting, including 4 moving head lights, 4 lazer lights, and 2 swarm color projector

5) up to 10 up-lights, your choice color (any combination of RGB codes), depending on venue size

6) a FREE custom monogram light with bride and grooms name and wedding date for display

7) either a 8' projector or 32" desktop monitor for a slideshow of bridal pictures, depending on venue

8) one 15' Wireless Rechargable speaker for outdoor or beach ceremonies

9) a FREE 30 minute ceremony music and microphones (MUST be at same address as reception)

Extra Add-ons Include...

2- Bubble Machines for dance floor $99

1- Low Lying Fog Machine (Dancing on air) $99

2- Blast Confetti Machines $149

4- 6' Blast Spark Machines $299

Plus Many More!

You get everything listed for one flat rate! It's either $749 for 5 hour reception or $949 for a 7 hour reception. That's it! You get the wedding entertainer to give you an unforgetable wedding and he is the PERFECT VALUE that you have been looking for. Welcome to the event of your Dreams! Climactic Entertainment...Making Your Event, THE EVENT!

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