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Beach Weddings with no Mess!

Beach Weddings can be a great, relaxing time. Most bridal parties, brides and grooms will walk in without shoes and can feel the sand between their toes. Some will opt for a sand ceremony to show their love cannot be separated from one another. Everyone has their own flair, their own style. A Beach wedding in itself can speak volumes of a person.

No matter how you vision your beach wedding, you don't want to see any guest injured or even see orange extension cords running through the sand. That is just not safe, unseemly, and definitely unattractive not matter the theme. Here at Climactic Entertainment we could not agree more. Your wedding professional should be just that, a professional. Your entertainer should be using professional equipment.

Climactic Entertainment deploys 800 watts of raw power with our RECHARGEABLE, BLUETOOTH speakers specifically purchased solely for outdoor weddings in limiting areas. This speaker can bluetooth connect to an iPad and play music on the beach without the use of a full setup. This speaker is designed to be lite, agile, and ready to move at a moments notice. The best part, it has 2 wireless handheld microphones that auto connect, plus we also connect a specialty battery operated wireless lapel microphone system that has mics for the bride, groom and minister if desired.

This is another example of how Climactic Entertainment is constantly upgrading to all of the latest and greatest equipment on the market to bring you an amazing experience when you choose us to provide your wedding entertainment services. Look at how cordless and in harmony with the beach your ceremony could be...

Give us a call today to get a free consultation and see how beautiful your beach wedding can be!

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