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Recycled Floppy Drives Make Good Music!

I am a big fan of recycling and reusing as many of your daily items as possible. It makes perfect sense for paper, glass, metals and your old electronic components. All of these items can be recycled at a fraction of the cost of most other recycling and it keeps a lot of good material out of the landfills.

That said, this is a project I would like to have been a part of. maybe its my job simply to help get the message out on this one. Someone in their spare time, took a bunch of old floppy drives connected to a main pc, wrote a simply program and sat back to listen to the music. They wrote their program to make the machines run in harmony with on another to play a rendition of "The Final Countdown." It was a very clever choice seeing as how these components are literally in the final countdown of times they can play this song before they are broken down forever.

Sit back and listen to this classic being played all over again for the first time...

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